come stay

have you ever wondered who you’d be without capitalism?

Intercambiamos is a sanctuary space in the Costa Rican jungle for the playful, exploratory practice of non-hierarchical forms. You can visit in exchange for co-creating the space with whatever gifts you have to offer, working on our existing projects or starting your own. No money is exchanged on site, and you’ll be supported in exploring your unique contributions.


Be a part of our lived experiment from near or far




where spirituality meets radical activism

projects & farming

We spend our days working on creative projects: art and beautification, building structures, crafting from natural materials, becoming more sustainable, working on de-colonizing community relationships. We plant and harvest and care for the farm's animals. We spend most of the day outdoors, in the garden or jungle. We are constantly trying to shed the artificial and work with what’s naturally abundant around and within us.


We communicate a lot! With each other, with the plants and animals and entities around, through our pleasure and our conflict. Non-violently, as best we can. Verbally, non-verbally. We talk about desires, needs, boundaries, how we like to receive love, what it looks like when we’re in a funk. How white supremacy and patriarchy affect how we talk about “labor”. What worlds we want to create, how to move through what’s in the way.

internal work

We spend a lot of time finding our own rhythms and experimenting with what makes us feel good: how much alone time vs. group time, how much movement vs. stillness, etc. Rest is respected and encouraged, as is moving from the inside out, leaving behind perceived external expectations. It’s a place where you’ll be asked what you need, and supported in getting there.