make the space your own


the space

Intercambiamos is a 6-acre property consisting of a small farm and lots of raw jungle, a short drive outside a small town at the end of the Osa Peninsula. It is an energetically rich, buzzing space, filled with human history, and the spirits and living creatures who keep it alive. We do our best to let the land lead us in terms of our priorities and decision-making, and recognize that we are in transition from an earth-alienated way of life to a very connected one.

We are totally off-grid: our water comes from a creek on the property, our electricity is solar, and there is no wifi. We live within howling distance of beloved neighbors and with a ton of animals, both fully wild and half wild. There are a variety of sleeping options ranging from very outdoors to mostly indoors, and a communal kitchen in which to cook together or separately.

The project began in 2018, and is a constant process of change, adjustment, and surrendering. The amount of sun and rain makes everything lush, and the birth-death-rebirth cycle is rapid. You can often hear huge trees falling in the forest to make room for new life. Time feels a little different here.

The project has generosity and abundance at its core: funded entirely by gifts, supported and mentored by Arcturian wisdom and allyship.

 everyone holds sanctuary

We work to develop non-hierarchical, power-sharing practices. Everyone who comes will get a primer on non-violent communication, and there are ongoing conversations about decolonization on all levels. No previous experience is required, just a willingness to get vulnerable, and work with us on undoing violence and oppression in ourselves and our surroundings. No one is an expert and we all have a part to play in our collective liberation.

The space is substance-free outside of group ceremony, encouraging us to be present and intentional with each other and our surroundings.

day to day

create your day

Aside from the times we agree to meet for meals or check-ins, the day is open to let your curiosity lead you. Find a hole that needs patching, a wall that needs art, a plant that catches your interest, or a person whose story you want to hear, and let yourself follow your own flow. There are always suggestions of projects to work on, but the best ones have come when someone has said “I think I can make this better” and invented a creative solution. Re-learn how to make decisions about your own time from a place of inspiration and play. 

community life

Some of our favorite activities are group projects in the garden, getting naked in the rain, improvised noise-making after a day of silence, beach bonfires, community dance events, hiking down to the creek to bathe and cover ourselves in mud, and facilitating workshops for each other. We are often discussing the relationship between the political and the personal, the spiritual and the erotic, the ancient and the future, and developing practices that help us bring it all together.

We are in the process of building up a connection-based economy, where we are in constant communication about what we need from each other and our surrounding community. We exchange whenever possible, and are always trying to find new natural ways to reduce our reliance on consumer products. For the food and consumable items that we still need to buy, visitors have a communal shopping list and share expenses. Visitors contribute to the project’s expansion through their projects and donation of project materials.


live it for a month

How does your energy change from morning to evening, or over the course of a month? What’s your ideal balance of problem solving, meditative tasks, group work, alone time, etc.?

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like outside the demands of capitalism, give yourself a treat and try out community living. You can explore skills, learn new things, and do some deep healing and resetting. You’ll be given more choice than you know what to do with at first, and will walk away with self-knowledge that you can take away to make your life more of your own.


get to know us

Join the family! We’re at the moment of seeking long-term residents to join and grow the project. Someone interested in permaculture, natural building, natural cosmetics, for example, would be a perfect fit here. Use the space to work on your dream projects, and expand this vision out to include yours. Come stay for a month, if we all feel good then a few more months, and if we have good chemistry, we can talk about moving in! If you’ve been looking for a community to put roots down in, reach out!



intercambiamos grows through gifts

please check out our model of economy and ask about what the farm needs as you plan your stay.

how to get here

We're located in Puerto Jiménez, a small rural town on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. After flying into San Jose, you can take a bus, plane or car to Puerto Jimenez.

Bus: $15, 8 hours
Plane: ~$110, 45 min
Car/shuttle: variable, 6ish hours



figure it all out with us