Traveler's Prayer, by Vidya Cowsik Santosh

I will forget.

I will forget the miraculous paradox of feeling sheltered and grounded in a hut with no walls.

I will forget how many shades of green can fill my vision at once.

I will forget the parting of my lips as I gaze upon a sky blanketed by too many stars to count.

I will forget the silence I feel sitting here in the dark amid the cacophony of crickets and cicadas.

I will forget the force of my heart pounding against my chest as I imagine I will be eaten alive by a large predatory cat.

I will forget the gentle transition from sleep to wakefulness beckoned by the low hooting of birds all around me.

I will forget the precise pitches of ascending and descending arpeggios sung by the avian musicians.

I will forget the nearly inaudible cheep of a little chick lobbying for its freedom.

I will forget the iridescent blue of the morpho butterfly staggering drunkenly past as I practice my morning yoga.

I will forget the softness of a tiny jungle kitten's tummy sack.

I will forget how much force is required to pretend to lose a wrestling match with a playful but easily discouraged goat.

I will forget the widening shape of my host's eyes as she sorts through the gifts I have brought her.

I will forget the unexpected delight of finding family among strangers.

I will forget the satisfaction of a belly filled every evening with food they have lovingly prepared for me.

I will forget the childish ecstasy of gliding through the wind on a galloping horse behind a kindred spirit as she turns to look at me with a wild grin on her face.

I will forget the swelling of pride and gratitude in my heart to see an old friend realizing a shared dream.

I will forget the mingling of salt waters so that I do not know where my tears end and the ocean begins.

I will forget the liberation of a day with no deadlines imposed by people.

I will forget the peace of knowing that nature cannot be controlled.

I will forget the obvious simplicity of rising and resting with the sun.

I will forget the softness of being in a place where I do not have to fight.

I will forget all these things.

I will forget all these things, and yet I pray that I will remember that they are possible.

Vidya Cowsik Santosh

March 2019

Intercambiamos, Puerto Jimenez