I started this project in 2018, needing a space to enact my spirituality in line with my radical values. No selling of healing work as a capitalist product, no exploitation of those holding earth-based traditions, no heteronormative sacred sexuality. A safe space to do magic work, and activism, and eroticism, in full daylight and fully intertwined. My style of space holding is an inviting in to the process. A commitment to not reproducing hierarchy, and a constant practice of returning to vulnerability and softness. It’s something like “hi, welcome, I’ve never done this before either, here we go, trust yourself. If not now, when? If not us, who? We can hold hands if you want.” My healing work and writing can be found here. After a year of experimentation and laying foundation, I’m looking for family to come put roots down and build with me!


Lis & Danger

Lis & Danger are our across-the-street neighbors and now family. Danger grew up on this land and knows how to build and fix anything using natural materials, and Lis is a powerful, sunny healer who uses all local herbs. We exchange our knowledge, skills, food and plants as much as possible.



Peter was the previous resident of this property, and built all the structures, including the water and electrical systems. He is an artist and designer aside from a builder, and now serves as an advisor to the project and a friendly next-door neighbor. Peter can share his skills of structure building, furniture building, and off-grid systems. He is open to creative exchanges of all kinds, and especially loves home-cooked meals.



Teta, just like many of us, grew up very tame and well-educated, but at some point decided to chuck it all and come live in the jungle where she could be her most wild, authentic self. She showed up here and has never looked back, now serving as a role model for knowing what you want and not taking no for an answer. She is a sharp communicator and a brilliant negotiator. She goes on all car rides.


Cam, juliette, nelly & llama

Our goats love being pet and sharing our fruit, and are happy to accompany you on a morning walk up the road. They are headstrong and often escaping, and will sharpen your boundaries like no other. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a birth during your visit!



Tilo is our baby-face puppy who grows at the speed of light. He is a darling who wants to participate in any project we do, and is even learning how to help with the goats. Please help us train him to be the type of masculine presence we want to see in the world.


Tulsa & Guinevere (aka Pipi 1 & Pipi 2)

Pipi 2 (left) is a sensual genius and is available for massages with just the right claw pressure if you can gently find your way into her heart.

Pipi 1 will pull all your things onto the floor. She thinks life is a game and will bother you about it until you agree. They can be found hunting geckos, rats, and frogs, or climbing up to the top of trees.


wild animals

We live surrounded by toucans, macaws, hummingbirds, monkeys, anteaters, coati, big cats, wild pigs, various rodents, and all the insects you could ever imagine.


Come join the family! Find out who you’d be in the jungle.

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